ART POTTERY & Ornaments

Vases are slipcast from plaster molds I make entirely by hand. The vases are cast smooth and ready to be carved, leaving me the ability to have consistent shapes and sizes across my lines without losing the one-of-a-kind nature of individually carved pieces. For multicolor pots, glaze is applied to the carved lines, then the raised surfaces are wiped clean to reveal the shapes to be painstakingly “colored in”—except in the case of the Garden line, where the beautifully smooth porcelain with its almost pearlescent sheen is left bare.

The results of these labor-intensive production methods range from the ancient Mayan-inspired Copan in rich reds and greens to the subtle but graphic Arts & Crafts feel of English Rose to the crisp, fresh and colorful Garden—three lines of art pottery unique in today’s marketplace. Have an idea for a line for your home or shop? Contact Christopher to inquire about custom orders.

Inspired by Mexican and American folk art flowers and the bright, contrasting designs of Otomi textiles, Garden is decidedly fresh and modern. Glaze is wiped away entirely from the smooth surface of the vases, and the exposed porcelain takes on a beautiful sheen. Young, stylish, and completely unique. Available in seven colors.

Named for the Mayan site in present-day Honduras, Copan is based off the pattern of a Mayan royal’s feathered back rack as depicted in a monumental stela of the ruler. The feathers would most likely have been from the resplendent quetzal. This beautiful green and red bird can only survive in the wild, and so has become a symbol of liberty and freedom.

British heraldry meets American Arts & Crafts pottery in this line featuring several designs based off of a ten-petaled Tudor rose—a symbol of unity following the War of the Roses. My ten-petaled rose is a reflection of my mixed identity as an American citizen who spent his formative years growing up in small town England. 

Featuring rich, earthy glazes and large swaths of texture, English Rose offers a combination of warmth with a crisp, graphic simplicity of design.

Thinly rolled porcelain ornaments, carved and/or gilded. Unglazed porcelain backs with CB logo stamped into the clay.